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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary has been permanently closed to the public.

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

Our Goals

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary (Fundacion Santuario Silvestre de Osa), located on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, is a local enterprise wholly committed to providing wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for orphaned, injured and displaced animals indigenous to the southern zone of Costa Rica.

Working with the local community, local businesses and government, we provide the best care possible for the animals in our care. We also strive to be an active and valuable member of our local community.

Our Story

Carol moved to Costa Rica after visiting for many years and then started an eco-lodge at Cana Blanca. The locals began to drop off orphaned and injuried wildlife, and soon there was no time for guests.

In the early days, it was primarily an avian sanctuary. Then, after Poppy, the spider monkey arrived on October 29, 2003, the flood gates opened to all kinds of wonderful local critters. The sanctuary is currently home to a wide variety of orphaned and injured animals (about 70 non-human animal residents).

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