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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary has been permanently closed to the public.

May 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, Spring is in the air up north and we are heading into our ‘green’ season. The rains in the early afternoons have started and there seems to be less food in the forest. During the change of seasons is when there is less food than at any other time. The…

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Covid Relief for Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

All donations are tax deductible under IRS 501(c)3 laws. Our Mission: Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is committed to providing wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and responsibly release orphaned, injured or displaced animals indigenous to the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. Education and teaching through example is the key to the success of conservation—the protection of species through the…

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Rosie Had Another Baby!

We knew Rosie’s delivery date was getting close. More and more often, we would see her taking Riley out to be with his biological donor, Mr Macho, and Riley started spending nights out in the forest with his dad. That is, until the new baby totally displaced him. Carol had gone down to start the…

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Quarantining At The Sanctuary

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, These are trying times, we are all doing what is necessary to get through COVID-19 as quickly and safely as possible. I have seen many pictures and videos of what people are doing during this time of quarantine. It lightens my heart to see the ingenious ideas for making great…

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2019 In Review

Spider monkey walking across branch with baby on back

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, What an exciting year it has been! Ripley reproduced, more macaws are being born in the wild, we helped Chacho in Mexico, Chana is still with us and I had some of the best volunteers! We are looking forward to the New Year to finish our improvement projects, the learning…

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2020 Calendar Sale

Our 2020 Calendars are now available for order!!! Hello, Friends of the Sanctuary! Our 2020 ANNUAL CALENDAR is now being offered. So deck the halls with calendars! Order today! Calendars will be mailed the first week of December in time for Christmas. They make great stocking stuffers! Supplies are limited so please order soon! Truly,…

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Please! We need your help!

R.I.P. Winkie… With great sadness, we want to tell you that in early July, we lost Winkie to a puma that had been prowling in the area. We apologize for the delay in posting this. Our grief got in the way. Thank you for understanding. Winkie had a love of fine clothing–none of which belonged…

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June 2019 Newsletter

Hello, Friends of the Sanctuary! Little Riley, our 21 month old spider monkey, is having a rough time. Rosie, her mother, has begun to wean her. The other day we observed high in the trees, Mr. Macho (the male biological donator) put himself between Rosie and Riley. Riley was having none of that nonsense and…

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March 2019 Newsletter

Babies, babies and more babies… Hello, Friends of the Sanctuary! Riley has had to step down as the only child. On January 26th little Teo, a squirrel monkey was born and rejected by his mother. This often happens as the mother is poached at a very young age and never allowed to see and receive…

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September 2018 Newsletter

Hello, Friends of the Sanctuary! Riley is approaching her first birthday—October 17th. Her doting mom, Rosie, takes her to the forest almost every day so she can learn how to forage, as well as receiving instructions in socialization and the proper etiquette for interacting with the wild monkeys. However, Riley’s non-stop motion can wear Rosie…

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