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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary has been permanently closed to the public.

Our Sanctuary Wishlist

As with many sanctuaries, we depend completely on the donations of our supporters. Sometimes there are specific items we need, such as medication for an animal or a new toy for an enclosure that is difficult for us to obtain down here in Costa Rica. We are working on an Amazon-specific wishlist, but in the meantime, here is a collection of items we could use your help on.
If you are planning on visiting the area, you can bring the items along with you. However, if you would like to donate while you are still in the U.S., please contact us here and we will send you our latest shipping address (which changes based on who is heading down to Costa Rica at any given time). We thank you for your support of the sanctuary!


OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy – this increases foraging time for our animals and helps prevent boredom

Kong Classic Dog Toy (the “extreme” version is preferable as many of our animals have sharper teeth than your average dog)

JW Pet Invincible Chains Rubber Dog Toy – Boogie the tayra’s favorite!

Children’s hammock for the monkeys – they love to sleep in them, and easy-to-clean ones are best (not cloth)

Green slow feeder – small for the squirrel monkeys and regular for capuchins to increase foraging time

Peachie in her hammock


Gummy Vitamins — Children’s Chewable Vitamins

Culturelle — Kids Chewables Daily Probiotic Formula or Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula

Paws & Pals Dog Crate Double-Door Folding Metal - Wire Cage w/ Divider for Training Pets – these large crates provide our babies with plenty of room to explore and play while still keeping them safe

Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle.– these are used to provide babies with a constant supply of water that they can't dirty by playing in (which they love to do)

Goat's Milk Esbilac – We depend on this to provide milk to our baby animals, many of which cannot safely ingest cow's milk

Squirrels & More Miracle Nipple Collection – basically, small nipples that fit on syringes so we can feed our small animals

Squirrels & More Syringes–“slip tip”, both 5mL and 10mL syringes. These are the syringes that are specifically made for nipple-feeding small and baby animals.

Squirrels & More Catac Nipples & Foster Bottles – the ST1 nipple to feed and hydrate small animals and babies. The ST1 nipples are appropriate to use on the syringes, and thus the size we most often need.

Squirrels & More Fecal Diagnostic Kit – these are important when we need to collect fecal samples for our vet to run diagnostics. Fecal samples can give us a lot of information, including parasite presence or if an animal is pregnant.

Flexible Coflex, 1” and 2” – if you can find the ½”, we use that in birds.

3” x 3” gauze sponges

20 oz. formula mixer bottle – the milk we feed our babies is actually compromised of many different components to make sure every animal is getting the appropriate nutrients for their species, age, health, and more. These formula mixers make it easier to make

Colostrum oral gel 30mL – important in providing newborn infants with nutrients its mother would usually be providing

Small animal carry bonding pouch

AFENDO electronic digital smoothing infant, baby and toddler scale – monitoring the weights of our babies as well as our animals in the infirmary is important to ensure they are healthy and developing properly

Fold-up wall mount exam table (but would also be able to use ECR4Kids Horizontal Fold Down Commercial Baby Changing Diaper Station)

Ikea wall-mounted drop-leaf table

Digital Radiography Machine

Isoflorane Anesthesia Machine

Stainless steel puppy pans, both one and two quart sizes

Easy feeder hand syringe – used for when we need to feed and hydrate small animals, especially birds

Metal cage cups – all sizes, used to keep food bowls upright in enclosures so the animals can't knock them over by mistake

Vionate powder – provide important vitamins and minerals for the animals

Heavyweight stainless steel bowls– any size except 72 and 148 ounce bowls


Winkie the spider monkey
Feeding Flash
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