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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary has been permanently closed to the public.

2017 In Review

May the Holidays put joy in your hearts! Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, Rosie has definitely filled our hearts with joy! She gave birth to a healthy offspring during the early morning hours on the 18th of October. The baby has started to be interested in what her mother is eating and Rosie has begun…

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Rosie has a baby!

Rosie and her baby

At 3:30 am on 18 Oct 17 Rosie gave birth!!! In May of 2013 a tree fell over, a natural phenomenon, but this tree had three juvenile spider monkeys within its limbs when it came down. One died upon impact, another ran off with the loss of a leg and Rosie lay on the ground unconscious. She…

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Another Anniversary Celebration!

Another Anniversary Celebration!!! We are rapidly approaching a “red letter day” for the Sanctuary-another anniversary of helping wildlife! October 29, 2003 was a momentous day that changed the lives of many, especially mine! We were asked to accept a nine month old spider monkey that had been confiscated from a home. Since that momentous day,…

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Exciting Tales from the Sanctuary

Iago the baby macaw preening and sleeping in the sun

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, Many of you saw the baby titi monkey that was born here last December 29th —Dec 30, 2016 Newsletter—A BIRTH AT THE SANCTUARY. Today, we moved her to the large cage with the other six—her first big step towards being released! I completed all of the required Association of Zoos…

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A birth at the sanctuary

Baby squirrel monkey on stuffed animal

Hello, Friends! Part of “Monkey 101” is learning how monkey mothers do not hold on to their offspring. The neonate must hold onto the mother; if they don’t, they fall to the ground. Mother can’t afford to waste her energy on one that is not 100%. This is a very simplified explanation. Some of the infants…

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2016 Year in Review

New spider monkey at the sanctuary

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, This past week we were able to confirm our importance towards the care of wildlife. Andy Pruter of Everyday Adventures called to tell us a neighbor found a juvenile spider monkey that just wasn’t responding well. Our project veterinarian was due to visit the following day and Andy took on…

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Winkie the spider monkey

2017 CALENDAR OFFER… Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, This year we are very excited about our 2017 Calendar offer! We have included some of the wildlife from the area that have had the good fortune of not needing our help. The final layout from the printers has been completed, and Sweetie was chosen to start…

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All About Titis…

Baby titi monkey

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, I am writing you today to share with you a small yet mighty challenge we are facing, in the hope that you might be part of the solution. At Osa Wildlife Sanctuary, we measure our success by the number of animals that we return to the rain forest each year.…

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New Year 2015-2016

Mr. Cuddles the Porcupine

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, sit back and enjoy the following collection of pictures representing 2015… 2016 Calendar Sales…   January February March April May June July August September October November December For those of you who would still wish to order a calendar, please order promptly as the last order to the printer will…

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AZA Professional Training Courses

Kinkers the kinkajou taking meds

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary, Last November the Sanctuary Foundation gave a presentation at the Annual Wildlife Rescue Conference at the National University of Technology (UTN) in Atenas here in Costa Rica. My responsibilities included research and design of the program presentation. We chose natural enrichment as our theme as we believe it is imperative…

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