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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary has been permanently closed to the public.
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On December 19, 2022, MINAE/SINAC/ACOSA the governmental agencies in charge of wildlife came to the Sanctuary and confiscated all of the caged wildlife in our care. Many had come as infants and were now considered geriatric. These poor sentient creatures were uprooted from their home and taken away from their caretakers that they had known and loved for years.

They also baited Sweetie, the spider monkey and Benito, a mono titi with cookies to capture them. Neither of these primates had ever known a cage. Sweetie was in critical condition when she came to us at just four days old in December of 2003 but had lived healthy and free in the jungle after her injuries had healed. Benito was the first born into the free roaming troop of titi’s we had created. His mother, Adele was captured when she was trying to help him escape from the dog carrier he had just been thrown into. What mother would not risk her life to save her offspring?

We cannot litigate over the caged animals that they confiscated as this governmental agency, with antiquated perspectives and reactionary attitudes, has the right to do whatever they choose and appear to be stocking private for-profit zoos. The laws are with them, but they don’t have the right to take free roaming wildlife and this is what we are fighting for today and will continue until they are back with their respective troops.

Please join us in our continuous efforts to save these three once free roaming primates from a miserable life in a cage and let’s get them back to the troops they belong to. All of the proceeds from the merchandise, as well as any additional tax deductible donations, will go to the costly legal battle to free these sentient animals. And, to set a precedence within the judicial system to keep the government from their continued cruelty to wildlife.

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2024 Calendars

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Thank you, Larry Anderson (, for taking the beautiful pictures you see in the calendar.

Thank you, Lisa Anderson (, for providing the wonderful handmade candles.

And thank you to everyone else who helped put this fundraiser together!

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