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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary has been permanently closed to the public.
Rosie and her baby

At 3:30 am on 18 Oct 17 Rosie gave birth!!!

Rosie and the baby

Picture of Rosie and baby (less than 24 hours old) taken 19 Oct 2017.

Rosie and her baby

That’s a big baby to be under 3 days old—must be all that good nutrition Rosie eats while at the Sanctuary!

Rosie, upon first arriving at the Sanctuary with Winkie and Sweetie being very curious about her.

In May of 2013 a tree fell over, a natural phenomenon, but this tree had three juvenile spider monkeys within its limbs when it came down. One died upon impact, another ran off with the loss of a leg and Rosie lay on the ground unconscious.

She was brought to the Sanctuary for help. She had no use of her left leg or arm, her head was bent backward with her chin tucked into the right shoulder, but she could use her tail—that was the good sign that gave us hope!


After six weeks of critical care, her neck loosened up and she very slowly began to regain the use of her left side.. She loved the hot water bottles we gave her. When she slept (as she was doing above) she always held her injured arm or leg.

Rosie s baby
IMG 0689

As you can see, Rosie is eating well and looks good!

We have passed our 48 hour critical time and we think Rosie has shown incredible maternal instincts and we are most confident the baby will survive.

We will keep you posted with pictures as the little one advances and finally shows his/her face or when the sex has been determined. Rosie is still very shy about letting any of us close to her and she keeps the baby tucked well under her arms.

We are all so excited for her and Mr. Macho that hangs out high in the trees, keeping an ever diligent eye on the young mother and her baby.

Poppy and Winkie couldn’t care less about the little one, their only concern is the food. As long as Rosie is not at their food bowl, they couldn’t care less.

With Sweetie—it is a different story. A few hours after birthing, Sweetie saw Rosie with the baby and started to bolt towards them to look at the new arrival. Mr. Macho, up high but close by, swooped down from his tree and advanced towards Sweetie giving out his aggressive chirp. Sweetie stood down immediately and has shown very little interest since.

Start thinking of some names!

Rosie this past August… Photo compliments of Jeff Cable Photography

Within almost fourteen years from the date of receiving our first spider monkey (29 Oct 2003), we finally have our first successful reproduction with this endangered species.

Conservation projects are not an ‘over night‘ undertaking—they require an extraordinarily selfless commitment, they are challenging, astonishingly time consuming, heartbreaking, incredibly expensive and with no guarantee of a positive outcome. Yet we continue for the benefit of wildlife.

Please don’t forget us during this coming season of giving.

Please make your donations either by using the PayPal icon at the bottom of this letter or send your checks made payable to the OSA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY FOUNDATION, INC. and mailing to P.O. Box 171, Greenwood, IN 46143.



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