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Rosie Had Another Baby!

Two female spider monkeys eat food, one with a baby on her back, and the other with a baby clinging to her front

We knew Rosie’s delivery date was getting close. More and more often, we would see her taking Riley out to be with his biological donor, Mr Macho, and Riley started spending nights out in the forest with his dad. That is, until the new baby totally displaced him.

Carol had gone down to start the night chores getting everyone fed and medicated for the last time before calling it a day. She walked downstairs and lo and behold, here was Rosie sitting on the ledge with her new baby that was still wet from birth.

The last snack of the day was prepared quickly as Rosie would need some nutrition. Ripley came down from the trees with her one-year old, Rooney to eat with Rosie and to see the new baby.

The above picture was taken within one hour after she gave birth.

Female spider monkey on a bamboo bridge in the rainforest with a small baby on her front

Carol, being a well-meaning surrogate grandmother, went looking for Rosie at the crack of dawn. She found them on the ‘monkey bridges’ at the animal kitchen. The baby was resting in Rosie’s arms and on her lap. Both looked very content.

The baby was less than 18 hours old when the above picture was taken.

Female spider monkey looks off into the rainforest with a baby holding onto her front

It has been over a week now. Rosie started taking her baby out to the forest during the day with the small troop that is Mr Macho’s responsibility. Baby monkeys have to hold on, their mothers need their limbs to maneuver in the trees and they can’t afford to waste their energy on something that is not perfect.

We think our new arrival is just perfect and we are all so excited to know what the sex is. Rosie is still keeping that a secret and we will patiently await…

Poor little Riley, for the first week he followed his mother around like a lost puppy. He wasn’t sure what he should do since he had no other juvenile monkey males to play with.

Riley will be three this mid-October— he only needs a fellow playmate to rough and tumble with. For now, Poppy seems to fill that need, but won’t tolerate his rudeness.

He still feels a little rejected at times and climbs up into our arms to cuddle and give hugs, but not for long. He jumps off and heads for the trees to play with Rooney.

Carol hopes he gets over sleeping on his own soon. Those pitiful sobs and wails he puts out at night for his mother could break anyones heart.

Rosie’s new baby is a success that we wanted to share with you as you are just as responsible for this joyous occasion as we are! We could not have done this without your support. Your continued support will keep this troop of a threatened species thriving within the boundaries of the Piedras Blancas National Park. Please, when you can, think of your friends down here at the Sanctuary and give a tax deductible donation.

Pressing the PayPal icon below will allow you to make an electronic tax deductible donation. If you prefer, you can donate by check made payable to OSA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY FOUNDATION, INC. and mail to P.O. Box 171, Greenwood, IN 46142-0171

I would like to mention a few kind words for the support we are receiving. I cannot tell you how much it is needed during these difficult times and how much we appreciate your continued support.

Thank you again!

Donations made through PayPal receive their acknowledgement/IRS receipt/thank you letters through an email from Carol. For those of you who sent checks, your letters are sent from Costa Rica. It is such a short distance, but time is not of the essence with our postal service. Please be patient, your letters of gratitude are on their way. For those of you who do not receive anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. International mail is not always the best or most reliable and we do want to make sure that everyone knows how much we appreciate their support!

In friendship,


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