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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary has been permanently closed to the public.

Thanksgiving 2014

Three macaws taking flight
Ali Macaw2

Guapo hugging Carol

Dear Friends of the Sanctuary,

Here at the Sanctuary we count our blessings in so many different ways.

Seeing the flock of free flying scarlet macaw pass overhead is still as exhilarating as when we released our first bird almost 20 years ago.

The picture featured above is of Ali, a scarlet that was incubated and raised by two captive macaw that had been released one year prior. Unlike her parents, she has known only freedom.

The jubilation one has when finding Lily’s tracks in the beach with her young is indescribable.

There are no words that come to my mind to express the joy when we spot Lulu, the howler monkey passing through with her troop.

What made all of these successful releases come to fruition was the dedication from our staff, cooperation with MINAE—the Park Guards, and from the people that have supported us.

Conservation efforts are not cheap, they can only happen through the generosity of people that have faith in our efforts and believe in what we do—save wildlife for release and to humanely house those less fortunate.

For this, we are most appreciative and give thanks during this “Dia de Gracias”.

In friendship,


We thank our local hotels…

Iguana Lodge

Iguana Lodge

… that recommend visiting the Sanctuary.

Tourism is almost 55% of our annual revenue.

Iguana Lodge has also been gracious enough to host many of our visiting dignitaries.

We are thankful for…

Image 1 - Version 2

… all of the young people that have saved their allowances, forewent their birthday presents for donations to the Sanctuary. I have great faith for the future knowing these young people will be making changes for the betterment of the environment to save our sentient animals such as the wildlife that they encountered their visit to the Sanctuary.

Thank goodness for…

Henrik, our current volunteer.

Henrik, our current volunteer.

Roberto Mora M.

Roberto Mora M.

… the volunteer staff that was exceptional this past year! Many have decided to have future careers that involve conservation and wildlife.

Our staff at the Sanctuary are amazing as well. When an animal is in need, no one worries about working late, their concern is to help their charges at all costs.

A special thank you goes to…

Dr.Tello Nortonterpsxrepair-1

… Dr. Mauricio Jimenez Soto from the National School of Veterinary Medicine and our project veterinarian, Dr. Andres Tello Antencio for taking time from their busy schedules to use their expertise to operate on Winkie, the spider monkey.

Dr. Terry Norton, the director of Georgia Sea Turtle Center and his staff took the time to teach Dr. Tello many emergency procedures and special care techniques this past June. His organization also hosted Carol for two days to see the facilities and are helping to design an interim facility here at the Sanctuary.

Through their assistance, we are prepared to stabilize a sea turtle in need for transportation to theMarine Park in Puntarenas where the proper facilities and experts are prepared for the long rehabilitation process.

We also need to acknowledge…


… the wildlife that had the courage to allow us to help them and for their strong will to survive.

Everyone at the Sanctuary feels thoroughly blessed to be able to save wildlife and to have the understanding and support of so many that makes everything happen.

We are sending our most heartfelt gratitude to everyone that has helped us to save wildlife and to be able to commit to the full time residents not fitting the criteria for release.

We strive to show our appreciation through our tireless efforts and successful releases.

2015 Calendar Sales…

Order your 8″ X 11″ calendars no later than December 1st to receive by Christmas.

Price: $25.00 Each

plus $3.50 for shipping within the USA or $5.00 shipping outside of the USA

If you prefer to purchase off-line, please send an email to giving the desired amount of calendars and your mailing address. Please make your check payable to OSA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY FOUNDATION, INC. and send to P.O. Box 171, Greenwood, IN 46142-0171.

Thank you for supporting Osa Wildlife Sanctuary, the Foundation that saves wildlife while making an environmental and economic impact to the local communities.

To make a tax deductible donation…

… you may use the PayPal icon below. If you care to mail a check, please make your check payable to OSA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY FOUNDATION, INC. and send to P.O. Box 171, Greenwood, IN 46142-0171.

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I would like to thank all the people that write asking about the welfare of a particular animal, or talking about the unforgettable experiences they had, or for the kind wishes extended towards our continued successes.

These letters are candy for the soul—thank you kindly and keep them coming!




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